Sheeba Moghal

Bio: Hi. I am Sheeba Moghal,a normal teenager with an intention to actually do something in this world,to be part small part of it by creating my own tiny world. There is nothing to describe a sky full of stars,someday it is covered with thick haze,sometimes they glisten but mostly they remain the same no matter to which extent it is spreads. That could explain my persona. You could always contact me about anything. My email is,msheeba00@gmail.com. Never ever give up on anything in life,even if it is an illusion. Because even in this your gratifying illusion,you still get hurt,you still stumble over certain things and hit your head to the ground. But don’t worry,you have us. You might be alone,but so are we. All of us are. Have a great day and keep spreading the vibes of positivity x sheebamoghal00.wordpress.com justpenningthings.worpress.com. Try checking them if you wish to leave the land behind for a few minutes.

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