Cohort of the Twenty-First Century.


We don’t live in the world that is as it was anymore,

Where saffron men have raided the system,
For better or for worse.

Where people see a corrupted mirroring,
Until the stretch their eyes reach.

Where the two-legged and the four-legged resemble the same.
And all but them can witness the change.

Where the people don’t support the horizon of colors,
And still the part of the same brood.

Where the fiber parchments define your mastery
Than thy perception ever will.

Where we tend to live for green notes and despotism;
The nobility and kindness reduced to dust.

Where lethal weapons are in a process,
And expectancies shorter than the creater.

Where faces are masked with a facade,
And hands hidden beneath.

Where owning the technology is at our fingertips,
And yet we seem astray.

Where being caked is better chosen,
Than intellect ever will.

Where temporary contentment is better contemplated,
And affliction would rather be avoided.

Where suffering and dismay are mere rituals,
To those of our generation.

Where pills are popped in and chairs are removed,
And tenacity is never taken as remedy.

This is the us.

Where the world which was hoped to be colourful,
Is suddenly turning black and white.


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