Blank Marge.

She is a ghost of a girl she used to be,
There were few holes you can’t see.

The marked was what she could be.
No trace of smile you can see.

She is a ghost of a girl she used to be,
There were patches of darkness to the third degree.

Once lively and bold,
Now had no strength to behold.

Once tall and sturdy,
Now everything around her is so blurry.

Brain was made of nothing,
But scattered dreams and blood just gushing

Always concealed and perfectly hidden,
She never wanted to find her door bidden.

Broken and non-existent
She was a distant.

She was once hearty and full,
Now silent and completely dull

Every thought waged a war,
Insecurity knocked her to the floor.

Waged battles with the Sky and the Sea,
Who was once radiant and carefree.

She was scared of the voices inside of her head,
Pushing her into oblivion ahead.

When her skin touched the Silver,it only bled into Red.
Although she tried to,she just couldn’t get up from her bed.

Never had anyone who once looked back,
To see her standing at the end,pitch black.

Lost into the bank of thoughts,
Then she heard the gunshots.

When her lungs were filling up with water,
She drowned herself in the oasis of the desert.

Who knew depression was nothing but a robber?
And who knew that a beautiful miracle met the sad fate?


Depression and suicide awareness is storming across the social media and the news these days. Much alerted to these though we already are,we are not still aware of the depth that is holds. Depression maybe mental illness,but it is more than that. It is much more than what is labelled. People with depression face trauma constantly between their heart and their brain. It is quite exhausting but they still keep up with it,every single day. All they need is someone. Someone who will stay with them and shower them with all the love the world can radiate. Do not ridicule them,you have no idea what they go through. You may be happy,good for you. But they deserve to be too. They need people who are going to be with them no matter what. Do not just ignore all those friends who just sit quietly in the corner of a class,unwitting to even come out into the light both inside and out. They’re constantly in a war. It does not only mean that they’re sullen and gloomy,it means that they have lost an ability to show emotions at all. They do not feel like coming out of bed every morning,they do not listen to you. But do not ignore them. Because when they can’t keep up,so they just give it up.

This is for all those beautiful,yet flawed women and men who are the true soldiers we can see. Because depression and suicidal thoughts are not a matter of laughter or ignorance. It much more than that plastered smile they wear. It is more than the scars they conceal. It is how they knock out all the tombs within themselves into a pile of devastated ruins.
And they are never ready to stretch out their hands out for help so we need to be there. For them.

This is me,stretching out my hand to you. Whoever broke you or evoked you,I am there. Anytime of the day may it be,you can always talk to me.
Because depression is beyond what is seen in the literary heroes.

In fact, one out of every four people experience anxiety and depression during the course of their lifetime. According to the World Health Organization, this IS the next big epidemic to hit the world! However, most people DO NOT seek help because society has stigmatised depression such that most people do not reveal the agony they themselves or their loved ones are going through for fear of being branded as weak or mad.
Many NGOs have now come forward to extend their hand,including the Live Laugh Love Foundation,the Better India,the Banyan. Seek their help.

Whatever you are feeling,do not keep in but let it out for the glory of the stars were enshrined upon us to be directed to all who have lost their way.




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