We have tales to harbor,they say.
But do they want to?
It started on the dusk,
And butchered the city,but why not the frosty hearts?

Altruism shattered to dust,
Mind encompassed and void grown.
Is that what they dreamt of?
No,not at all.

They had no place to call home,
No one to call theirs.

The brutalities of the situation,
Shook the mind of the Black and Grey.

The buildings were in wreckage.
Then they heard the most dreaded.

Guns,cannons and bombs,
That preyed on everyone around.

Facades of dark emerged to destroy,
Like Minos from the Underworld.

They preyed on men and women alike.
The Citadel was brought down and so were the smirks.

Sleep did not torment them all this time,and they waited.
Waited for glistening star to emanate.
To bring them out of the Twilight.

Clinging their arms with the dead,
And asserted melancholy

Holding their miracles,
Hands,oh so cold!

They had no place to call home,
No one to call theirs.

There was dust swirling around and sun in the low-key.
It never concealed those scars down the cheek and that of the intellect.

Those sheeny tears flowing of grief made no influence on those of Wretch
These were only humans,who bled when they fell down.

Yet they defied to keep up,
To just stay.

A city once with ecstasy had nothing to reclaim anymore.
They were dumbfounded and crippled.

Tumbledown ruins and withered flowers were all that left.
Even to this day,they still have hope and their hands stretched out,
For you and me.

There are no different to us,
Just those petty humans trying to find their place in this world.



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