Crème De La Crème.

Scattered shadows and broken dreams,
All were drawn in as it could seem.
Planks and anchors were all that left,

Mind encompassed and void grown,
Weeded plains and broken dreams,
Red and Blue and Dark brown-s.

Then came a light dark and gleam.
So small and oh so bright!
But what we saw had been alright

Was there a well,I would have seen,
But there was nothing except a meek dint with keen.
They grew deeper and stronger,
Breaking the walls of a charade of what you’ve been.

Then came the forces of Avalon,
Demolishing and recreating,
The sun and Beam.

One with renewed fervor,
Emerged from the heaps of defaced veneer.
And sat straight up.

Holding the cup of cachet,
Oh had we all seen!
It was a fierce lustre
Crème de la crème.


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