Oaken Glow.

There might always be a way for people to exhibit themselves,and sometimes to outcast themselves. It always comes down to one thing,money. It is the source to make you or break you thoroughly.

While switching between few houses here and there,she always knew her dreams wouldn’t come true.She was completely befuddled to overcome the fact that she would no longer live in a manor,no longer have her Retriever along side,no longer have people rushing over to her and asking her about her vacations to Budapest or to her family house in French Riviera. She dreaded to not go to a school where people of her status went to. Vingne was the perfect example of what you call a rich brat.Vingne was born with a platinum spoon in her mouth,always had helpers to assist her in anything she needed.

Vingne was used to all luxuries in life and to fetch a beverage from her Meneghini Arredamenti Fridge on her own seemed like an insult to her.Such was an extent to her pride and freedom. Like how McManus stated,we don’t always get what we want. Her parents and Vingne herself ended up near the entrance of her gatehouse,having lost all their property due to sheer negligence,one fine day. They hadn’t got enough money to rent a flat so they ended up at their Aunt’s house for a few nights after which they were thrown out. Vingne’s father,a robust,charming man with striking features was known far and wide for this wealth. Now,no one seemed to bother.

She dreaded to live in an apartment,the one where her helpers lived,where her drivers and gardeners lived and where now she had to live. She no longer had her usual custom designed clothes,rather she had to wear cottons which were homespun.Vingne never in her living moment imagined herself helping her mother cooking broth soup as that was the only thing they could afford,after her father brought few dollars after working in a nearby farm. Vingne started facing difficulties,she did not dare to show her face on the streets,she always hid herself in her room.

Vingne could no longer get into an Ivy League like her rich friends could,she could no longer drive in her usual Pagani,she couldn’t do anything anymore.She cursed herself,she cursed the whole world for that awful situation of hers. Vingne was mad at the world,angry with her parents to put her in a flat which did not have proper rooms.

Slowly she got over it,she got over the fact that she was no longer rich. She herself never knew how,but she did. Vingne got over it in a few months and started going to her local church to study. She was very keen in helping her parents to earn money. Vingne cleaned toilets in the local cafeteria,she brewed tea for her parents,she cleaned her whole flat,she taught Sunday School in the church and started taking part in raising funds.

Slowly things had started to get better,nicer and worthier. Her usual irksome behavior was completely buried under the Oakwood forest. She started changing her feelings into words and would bury them under the Oak tree which stood near the place where she lived. Every day,a tiny piece of paper would be added deep beneath the Oak tree about the things she learnt,about the true lessons of life,and her experiences and problems she had overcome,as well.

It was only until a few days later that she completed her schooling and went off to study in a local community college and went as an apprentice to the company which disowned her father. With her steady mind and profound perspicacity,she rose to the chair of the CEO. She took over the company her father owned under her own name.

Vingne was now a happy woman.

She learnt to face the darkness in life. She learnt to break the door when it refused to get opened. Vingne learnt that it is only the world which differentiates the people based on their economical statuses. There is nothing as rich and poor,it is only that paper which has the face of your country’s president which determines your room in the society. If the green-colored piece of paper favors you,you’re likely to live in a manor and be showered with everything. If it doesn’t,then you only end up living in a small cottage and still have a pretty good life. It is you who gets to decide this. It is you who needs to scrutinize whether you want a paper to takeover you or you to takeover that piece of paper and prove to the world that money never defines you.

At the end of the day,we’re still people trying to find a place in this world. Vinge’s Oak tree proves it so.



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