A Broken Echo.

“Humans don’t break you,their memories do.”

The time,when you feel you are safe in comfort and solace in the world,something comes like a ball,a wrecking ball. It breaks you,shatters you until you’re no more. The feelings which emerge from beneath,to see how everybody just doubts you,everyday. How they misunderstand you all the time,how they don’t trust you.
You break down,emotionally and physically. You break down until all the adrenaline in your body is over.It kills to see how tiny little things can have a huge impact on your life,how they shape you and how they destruct you mercilessly. You are so drawn to closeness and sunshine that it kills to fall into the heap of darkness again. People label you,they talk behind your back but you still go on,like a recovering bud.

It kills to see how probably a month ago,you were living. You were living and not surviving like right now. Every wakeful moment of your day,once in a while you remember the awful thing that had happened.

Although a very tiny and useless things,it made an impact on you,a huge impact. It made you see the world with a different perspective. It reminds you how,you gave your thousand percent just to get nothing.

You still go on. You need to. It pains a lot,but you need to.
You need to snap out of the sadness and the depth of feeling you have for it. You still wait,wait for good things to happen.
You still wait,smiling once in a while when those memories come shining out from the morning-glory. All the good,sweet times. It just makes you smile,it makes you smile so hard on your stupidity. You laugh as if you never laughed before,you let out the suffocation you are feeling within and yet,we break down. To see,that you no longer are a part of their life,no longer anything to them. You just have their memories,their sweet,sweet memories.


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