Anticipated Ivory.

Waiting is one of the most painful acts on this planet,Earth. Even when you sit there waiting for every thing to happen,like magic. Nothing actually does,this is life;bear with it.
-Sheeba Moghal

You come home,tired and exhausted from day’s work. You come from your school,or from work or even from running errands,and you just throw away your belongings to sit peacefully,thinking out about what had happened on that particular day.
You take a bath,eat food which is to be cooked only by yourself because no one is there with you. You check your phone for  missed calls,previous day’s messages,your social networking sites with a ray of hope that someone in this world is going to message you,to mark your presence. You wait for the message but all they do is just see your message and not reply.
You then scroll down through your feed only to see happy people singing along,two close friends posing,new wedding Galleria,a small girl who has achieved her first award,a small baby welcomed by her parents and you wonder how everything and everybody is going on with their life just fine and here you are,waiting for good things to happen.
You realize how alone you are and you can do nothing about it. More than the personal form of communication like before,people prefer to talk via internet which makes this whole process quite sad and depressing.
Not everybody is going to be happy,but you will,one day.
You suddenly feel lonely in an odd way that you are not able to express it. You cry yourself to sleep how everybody around you is prone to perfection and you are just a mess;a mistake.
You cry yourself to sleep that nobody is this whole wide world is there for you and you bear it,you still do. You then wipe your tears and put on a brave face. That is who you are.
Everything happens for a reason,my friend. But mostly,it doesn’t.
You are not alone. These mere messages and awkward social activity that make you feel sad is nothing compared to the emotional,physical trauma bored by everybody else in this universe.
You feel life is unfair,but it isn’t.
Here it is,to all the people with hopeless hoping,people who feel unwanted,people who feel ignored,people don’t receive any messages,people who feel they are slowly sinking in,people who yearn to talk to their loved ones,people who want to have a perfectly good life,you are not alone.You are not vulnerable.
Although you are bearing with a lot of grief and problems of your own since a specified time,you will be bestowed with good days.
You will be happy and accomplished one day. You will be an immaculate person with a perfect life.
The moon disappears once in a while,it still returns with all it’s might casting light during the night to anybody who needs it. Once in a while it is half,once broken and once it disappears and yet,it comes back.
You are much like a moon.
You will be blessed with happiness that everybody would envy one day. But you will be fine.
Until then,good night,you beautiful human.


6 thoughts on “Anticipated Ivory.

    1. Thank you,love. That is so sweet of you. It happens to everybody,some agree like we don’t and some don’t. But everybody undergoes rejection and ignorance once in a while. It is a part in the package of life,rather living.

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