Entwined Birch.

“The people who were once the sole reason for you to rise high often subside themselves in the train of your life.
Sad how this goes on,isn’t it?”

Sometimes when people who were once the pillar of your sturdiness cut themselves out of your life and just dissipate ,like the ray of sunshine on a starry night.
How when you pass by,you don’t find anything but the ruins of the house you once breathed in with the neighborhood kids lurking around with sticks and stones to pass their dawn.
It is so soothing when one afternoon,far away from the roller-coaster of your thoughts,you are just seated in that vicinity of your ruined,old house and you remember all the good things that happened to you. How everybody were around you so often and now there is no one but your handbag and a pair of shoes to support you. You just remember all the good memories and you just want to give up all the bad days,just for a few good days of being free and unburdened with no decisions to be taken by yourselves. Everything has changed now,you are no longer the person you once were. Things have either become better or worse,but it doesn’t matter. You are bound with it.
When you are climbing the main step of your life,you have no one to cover your shadow,to stand behind you.
None of the people you once hoped to come all along to your death-bed,they are no longer beside you,to hold you when you break down. You have yourselves and those two beautiful people who created you.

Truth is,you are just not adapted to that sort of a change and you are crying your eyes out to not able to accept it. But you should,eventually.While going out,you’ll find someone congenial with whom you used to swim on a warm day or who hid with you inside of a fridge to protect yourselves from the evil demons. That one little kid you have seen all your life grow into someone so responsible and winsome. Everybody who were once a part of your life,a small one maybe,have grown into beautiful,responsible,immaculate young men and women are someone still residing on this planet Earth trying to do something while you are still stuck here with nothing but mere memories of everybody.
Seeing a small baby grow,witnessing changes in the world,seeing yourselves in the right direction ahead in the distant future. All these little things are a big part of your life.
You will be successful one day,like everyone else. You will be happy with someone.
All you have to do is,wait. Wait for it everyday. Try to make yourselves happy,even if you are alone.
Do not wait for oblivion to pass by.
You’ll be better,I promise.


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