Glistening Tidal.

These stars,they don’t communicate. They just shine,like the moon and the Sun or any other crusted galaxy. They don’t speak,only let you figure out.That is why they are called the stars,those tiny specs of light who change us. -Sheeba

Like how the stars were withheld due to gravity,it was possibly a reason,not an assumption.
Stars are these tiny specks of light which are a source of dissemination.
As they come into existence,they have a spark and a stance,to bring out the best in us.When you look up at the sky,you’d find the stars passing by. As a guidance,as a soul which never ceases to exist.These stars,that’s what they do.
A world full of hearts in a jar,there was no epitome of emotion that propelled people to hangout with humans unaware of their own age.Just like everyone else,you are gifted.Not with the ability of doing something well,but the flair of scrutinizing things around you Everything will fascinate you.
The Sun,extracting all the light of the night gave birth to these stars. Stars have no shape or size but they have a heart. A heart so huge and glistening,beating with all its might and sending out its electrifying vibes throughout the unalterable world.
Stars shape you. Stars break you. Stars burn you. Stars heal you.
These are just the holes to heaven,dragging you when you die. They push you with all their might to not give up.
Stars,so strong and so bright reflect the emotions within. They shine in vibrant colors each changing,blown by the breeze of the clock.
They redraw your borders when you are sulking inside the hole of self-doubt.
The way they creep out from the horizon just after the last glint of the sun’s heavy rays,makes you look like a Paladin of the Sun.So fervent with bundle loads of zeal.
But darling,you will be dead. One day,you will just be like the stars.
Learn to love everybody without the dominant bone hanging out in your body.
Only you will shine brighter than the world of Heaven. It is the only time when the star’s light themselves under the solace of strength. Your strength.


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