A Faded Fall.

Dear Stranger,
This time exactly two years ago,I received a phone call from you on the eve of my last pre-teen birthday. Things were so accurate and relatable then,but today I just see you passing away from me like there was never a story of joy between us.I had a rough start in terms of friendship. The first best friend I had made left me hanging on a tree and decided to hang on the trees of Kolkata. The second best friend that I had made pushed me out of the class like I was never her part of her life. As it when on,I felt alone. I had catrillion friends,but I was not a choice of anyone.
Then I met you. I started trusting people again,I trusted you more than Icarus loved the closeness of the sky.
One day,Icarus could not stand it any longer and tried flying too close to the sun. Sadly,he died.
Today I find you with another friend and my heart crumples to see you share your private jokes with someone else,the one that you always shared with me.
Everyday I try to check on you,to see that you are doing well. We might not be friends anymore,but you still are that congenial little girl I met few years ago. You might think I no longer care about us. Little did you know how every single day I endure this overwhelming grief knotting in my stomach. The books that once defined both us just lay there rotten under a pile of old books covered with dust. With the pages,even our friendship faded.
I do not know how to express this epitome of emotions. There were a lot of things left unsaid between us and as time flew by, most of these little were left unsaid that we barely spoke anything at all.
I miss you. I miss Us.
I do not know what to talk to you. Every single step reminds me of the time we climbed together. Every room that I pass by reminds me of the bizarre mistakes that we had committed.

I am not the person I was few years ago. I have changed. Situation has propelled me to change and I did. Next year,you will leave the school. Along with it,you’d burn all the memories we shared.
Mine would still lay afresh. I’m still there no matter where this never-ending breeze takes you.
It is funny how the people who were once together do not even know the meaning of togetherness anymore. It kills me whenever I see you walking away.
I cannot do anything. I cannot start it again. I have no strength in my veins to talk to you again.
All I want to say is,please do not stop befriending new people.
I was just a star in your universe,but you were my galaxy worth million stars. I’m merely a dot in your infinity but you are my never-ending paper of infinite memories.
Tomorrow,there would come a point in your life where you would not be a choice of anyone anymore.It would then remind you of that girl you spent your summer with.The girl you started your journey with but left her walking alone.
And even then,I am just a mile away. Call me and I would still come running to you.

Yours truly,
A Stranger’s Long Lost Friend.


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