“You were my sunshine,you were my darkness. You are not merely a star in this universe,you’re my glow of light inside of my heart.”

She sat there,looking high up at the sky.
Sometimes when there is a raging storm,your mind is muddled up with eerie space. That was what she was experiencing.
That quirky little kid,who once went to school with that sunshine smile on her face turned out to be an ice-cold human, heartless if anyone could describe.Nobody knew what made her feel that way.’Depression.’ she said but no one ever believed. She was thought to gain attention from everyone where all she wanted was to run away from it.
Among a crowd of two hundred people,she was never a choice of anyone.Neither first nor second. Just a mere aid to go to while in need. She was always muddled in thoughts which no one could fathom.
Addition of sadness,subtraction of hope,multiplication of self-doubt and division of happiness. Math reminded her of that.
When you are alone in this world,everyone consoles with a simple verbose statement of “Everything will be okay.”
They don’t just get the depth of feeling you’re sunk in.
As time passes,like everything has a saturation point,even she did.
She burst out,burst out like a volcano when it couldn’t take in anymore magma. That was it.
Almost every unnerving emotion seemed to stab her to such an extent that she just couldn’t hold it back anymore.
She tried hurting herself,her soul. She was alive,physically.But dead mentally.
This is what happens when you’re in a vicinity of taking in everything. Life is just so stubborn that it never listens to us. It is so annoying,mostly.
Had it not been for her parents and a hope for a better life,her ruins would be sown deep inside of the soil.

She was not herself. She turned out to be someone new.
Her anger was controlled and she starting standing up for herself. A girl who was once succumbed to self-doubt started becoming brave.
She concentrated on what was important to her. Things which were unimportant were burnt to ashes.
Time and again people said that you get everything in this world if you wish to. But no one said that you need a person to push you forward. A cycle needs a chain to move forward which is your determination but you also need two wheels so that it can move forward. That is who your friends and family are. No one in this sane world would put their neck into problem but you know who does? Your family and friends.
Your family is the probably the only group of people who support you,despite your insecurities.
They push you forward no matter how backward you are soaring.

Even if her family and friends were not there for her,she was there for herself and that mattered her the most.


4 thoughts on “Brave.Braver.Bravest.

    1. Oh yes! So many go unheard every single day.Only the stronger voices are heard by people,the weak ones are hidden somewhere beneath. Oh yes! We’re living in a cruel world which is fair to everyone by being unfair. A little more towards some,a little less towards other.

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