Thorns And Quills.

“Love is not something wherein you receive a cute message from your boyfriend,girlfriend or even your best friend. Love is not something wherein you are cared by someone else so that you’d give them something in return. Love is not when you’re blooming because of someone else. The truest form love is only bestowed upon you by your parents. Those two humans who spend their lives for you. They’re selfless who’ve given up almost everything and you,are selfish.”


It all started on the day she opened her eyes. She found her Mother staring at her in awe like she was a specimen of the human kind. There was a congenial affinity,that gentle drop of happiness where you don’t want to harm her, a ray of hope that nothing is this world will mess with her and that there would be no demon within her. You hold that baby,joint with love,care and tenderness, as exquisite as a diamond. She was as soft as the feather,gently falling over the breeze.

As time passed she grew up into someone better,due to her genuine upbringing.She was introduced into this world like a small quill,unaware to flow in which direction but boy,she chose the right one.
And then she fell into that loop of teenage. Mother’s tender-loving-gentle daughter was no more. Her Daughter became a rebellious,vulgar teenager with all sorts of weirdness creeping in. It seemed as though a devil stole her wholly.Every day,Mother’s Daughter would come home late to home,bicker at every small thing,yet Mother never bothered to be strict,but cry to herself to sleep at night. Mother’s Daughter ceased to exist and instead,a devil pounced upon her and wobbled up that beautiful heart.
She’d score low marks,fall in trouble often,hurt herself with scars,and and doze more than a hibernating bear. These were some of the things Mother’s Daughter would indulge in doing most of time.
Every day seemed like a lifetime to the Daughter. Mother never knew why her Daughter was so callous and cold towards her.
As the days rode on the road,her Daughter stopped uttering words to her mother. The only words she uttered were the words of abuse,guilt and regret.
Daughter always commented her Mother on everything. There were inexplicable thoughts ruling that mind which were not expressed. Daughter hated her Mother and Mother cried because of her Daughter. Instead of being strict or angry,Mother tried to talk things out,to calm the tornado inside of her body.
Mother knew some demons invaded her mind and she wanted to calm them but the Daughter never looked at her for that sake.
Truth is,she was not depressed or sick of this world. She had really good friends,she was the flame that moth chased.
As time went on,Mother left her Daughter with her grandmother and left thinking she was the sole reason for her ill-behavior.

Mother did not know what happened to her daughter in the next five years,she traveled everywhere. She seemed to forget everything but the baby she embraced almost a lifetime ago. Mother did not forget about Daughter. Every single day she hoped her Daughter was in bloom.

She couldn’t conceal that emptiness and the depth of her void anymore and she returned to her Daughter.
She walked on the same pavement she left years ago. Everything seemed almost the same,except one thing.
When she entered into her abode,there was no noise. No noise of the clutter or her Daughter.
She walked towards her Daughter’s room only to find one chart with brazillion tiny letters for her Mother.There were pictures stuck in everyone corner of her Mother laughing,crying,proud,sad,depressed,excited and every emotion that existed. Mother’s heart was heavy with delight for the love expressed by her Daughter.
Just then Mother’s mother who was left in charge of her Daughter appeared out of nowhere. Her face deeply showed regret and intense pain. Fishing out a letter from her bag,she gave it to the Mother.
Mother slowly pronounced all the words in utter discontent.
It read,
Dear Mother,
Ever since I was a kid,you were my perfect example of happiness and attainment.I looked up to you every time I fell into a clutter of doubt. I was happy.You were happy.We were happy.
One day while walking on the street,out of nowhere I became numb and landed with a hard thrust onto the ground. Upon visiting the doctor later,I rooted out I was suffering from a deadly disease.A lady who has given up so much for me,I couldn’t let her suffer. You were always in my heart not merely as a mother but as a person,despite the fact of being a single mother raised me to such an extent that no insane human wouldn’t be proud of your upbringing.
Since the day I was born,you took care of me more than a mother does with that warm motherly feeling within you towards your baby. After knowing the fact of me suffering from a disease,I did not want to bother you and yes,I ended up parting with you so that the day after my heart no longer beats,you’d not cry in a way you would do,if you knew. For that,I wanted hatred to be poured in your heart towards me. Every single day bickering with you seemed like the biggest tree I’ve ever cut. Every single day of leaving you in tears seemed like killing my own gut to come back to you. If only mother, you would know through how much pain I’ve endured. Then,you left.
My imperfectly perfect world broke into million pieces. Every day my mind proposed a question on your departure. My world full of roses with thorns turned out to be a barren land in need of everything.
I missed you,mother.
Grandma also doesn’t seem to know about my disease so I’m running away. I’ll run away as far as possible into a world where only I exist alone. I’m probably dead by the time you see this letter.
What pains me is the fact of you giving your life up for me and in return,I never gave you anything. All I could say as,I’m a proud daughter of a brave mother.
Live your life and don’t forget to shoot for the stars!
Your daughter,
Rosette Wakderg.

Mother after reading this broke down. This time she didn’t get up,she slept. An eternal sleep in search of her daughter.

This is true love.

” A Mother-Daughter love is more powerful than a thunderstorm and a lightening together”

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