Heart Pain < Soul Pain

A broken soul is not envisaged by anyone and if it is,it invades your mind.Ultimately it propels you to permute into mere memories of yourself.

That girl.She just sat there in the class,oblivious to what was happening around.
Her name was Tornado,as swift as one.
As it was,she was never a Tornado.
She was bewitched to tediousness.
Drowned in her mess of thoughts.
Depression seemed to befriend her from all perspectives.
Pain visited her without an invitation.
There seemed no reason for her to sink in sorrow.
Friends,family and her beloved mind surrounded her,
But she wasn’t a choice of anyone.
And that bothered her the most
Just as it is,she was alone.
She was alone during her life and probably even after her death.
Thoughts took a whirl in that tender heart,
Emerging into thoughts like thunders,she fell into the path of obtund.
Pain seared in her heart,not the usual ones.
But something paving a way towards immortality.
Worldly pressures stumbled upon her.
She never seemed to know the cause of her sadness,
All she knew and understood was that she was entangled.
Alone and isolated in the world where life is unfair to everyone.
A little more unfair and callous towards her.
Who knows which cloth destiny weaved for her,
She waited for a glimpse of seraphicus to appear.
And it did.
That glimpse invaded into her heart.
She vanished.
She evolved into thoughts than trivial reality.
She was just a memory to everyone,no longer a human with a lifeless heart.
A soul in human form just broke into indefinite pieces.


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