Mother-Sunlight And A Thunderstorm.

Day 5:Mamma,I’m very hungry mama,where are you?
Day 15:Mamma,see,I can see everything around. I have this tiny scar on my hand mama
Day 26th:Mamma,I want you.
1 month:Mama I don’t find you anywhere.
5 month:Mama,I miss your voice.
9 month:I can walk and sit now but I don’t find you anywhere.
1 year:Ma,I turned 1 today and I don’t want anything but you.
2 years:Ma,dada says you went somewhere.Come back fast.
4 years:Everyone’s mother feeds them,why are you not like everyone else?
5 years:Today my teacher told me to write an essay,I wrote about you.
6 years:Today I got 10/10.
7 years: Da says you’re in a Chocolate Factory,get a bundle loads of chocolate mama
9 years:Today is Mothers Day,I made a card for you.
10 years:Ma,someone hit me today and it pained a lot.
11 years:I won a prize for writing Ma,I wish you were here.
12 years:Ma,all my friends ask about you,I told them you are in a Chocolate factory.
13 years: Ma,I am a teen now, I have my own room now.
14 years:Everyone is calling me a knuckle-head. I want to cry on your lap.
15 years:Dad doesn’t feel well these days,what happened? Where are you?
16 years:I started cutting myself and it no longer pains.
17 years: Ma,Grandma stopped by,she said that you died.
18 years:Ma,I’m suffering from Anorexia. I wish you were here.
19 years:Why did you do this? Why did you leave me so alone in this world of pain?
20 years: I have a crush on someone,but he loves someone else.
21 years:I wish you were here like everyone to see me hold a certificate today.
22 years:I went on a vacation to Barbados and I realized,you spent your childhood there.
23 years:Ma,I was to draw a person who influences me mentally,I drew a beautiful lady holding a baby,you.
24 years:Everyone believes in God,but I believe in you.
25 years:Mama,remember the guy I had a huge crush on? Well,he proposed to me today.
26 years:Ma,I’m planning the wedding myself,like everyone else I wish you planned mine.
27 years:There is a Blip in my tummy,and Daddy is delighted!
28 years:I started my own firm with your name,Meralda Forbesdós.
29 years:Ma,your granddaughter turned 2 today! Da thinks you are born again.
35 years:Your friend Mrs.Chanis dropped by today. She told me a lot about you and how much you cared for me as a child.She told me that you had given up your life for me.
37 years:Motherhood is a responsibility and I hope I take care of my daughter with same love like you have done.
49 years:Today is Blomeque’s wedding day,and I’m delighted I got to plan her wedding.I wish you were here.
53 years:I’m a grandmother! She is so ferocious like her Grandpa.
89 years:Ever since I was a small baby,I craved for mother’s inexplicable love.When everyone’s mothers pick their children up,I used to walk alone to home. Whenever my tummy hurt for food,I had no one to feed me. I had no one to console me when I cried. The day I was told that you died,I felt a ray of home built up in my heart broke into indefinite tiny pieces. And yet,I knew you where there somewhere high up in the sky to guide me throughout life.You gave up your life for me. I never felt you when I grew up but I always waited for you.I’m in my death-bed now and I hope I could finally see you.


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