Let It Go.

Sometimes,when you stand among a group of people,who are engrossed in chattering,ignorant towards you,you feel disheartened.It is as though you’re in darkness fighting against the light of bazillion people.
The person you’d cross the ocean for would be the reason for your drown.This is what our world is and that is the way we are created.
Our whole world is being warped because of them. We’re humans and yes,we commit mistakes but not deliberately(at least not most of the time).
A young girl cutting herself,a six-year-old turning out to be a rape victim,a teenager committing suicide,a twenty-year old student being locked up behind the bars,a fourty-year-old disrupting others’ lives,a fifty-year-old seeking revenge and what not.
Is the reason why,since a thousand years our world has been fighting with all the odds to be the even?
They’ve given up everything including their family and their little children in need of parents’ immense love just so because we’d turn out as a bunch of maniacs jealous of what others do,seeking long-lost revenges and what not.
Let go all of that,for yourself not for someone else. Change is probably inevitable,not a compulsion. You change because something is propelling you to,not because you want to.
Thousands of people are being killed,thousands left homeless,thousands sunk in starvation and thousands in need of love. Do you want to be a part of it or do you want someone else to go through to the same phrase for all the mistakes you’ve made?
The root cause of everything is us,we were supposed to be the highest authority in animals,but became something worse than them.
Nothing can be taken any longer and there’ll come a time where all of us will be left in ruins of memories and regret. Weave the whole world together.Let go of all the bad in yourself because you won’t be able to hold it anymore.


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