Isolation Or Insolation?

Dear Santa,
When I was this little,notorious toddler,my mother often used to tattle that if I was a good girl,Santa would give me a truck load of chocolates.It sounds
naive,but Santa,I had this ounce of faith in you that one day,you’ll gift me something really nice.I’m not a Christian but a foraged child for a
present.As days passed and I grew up,I still waited for a gift.
I never wished for a teddy bear,sparkling shoes or even a favorite chocolate. I wished for something different. Something that’d stay with me forever.
My life was filled with a depth of emotions.
Winter was my particular favorite. Winter.Winter is favored for its beguiling grace,for the hustle of snowflakes,for the beauty of the stars which glistened than any other time. Winter was everyone’s favorite because it was the time of mirth and enjoyment everyone longed for where there was no room for discontent.
Winter is desired for the snow which blustered with the breeze and of course,to build a snowman.
I lingered for winter because of you,Santa. You always gave me a perspective. I always waited for your arrival,particularly. You are children’s ideal for
gifts,and my favorite for the kindness you show. Santa,I’ve always waited for you. Not everything could be prolonged forever and ultimately,I lost my faith in you.
I was filled with intense emotions for being abandoned by you. I no longer believed whatever words of comfort my mother used. I stopped listening to those
carols and I stopped waiting for you.
A child of heart turned out to be a girl without heart. I was completely torn apart due to the dark magic woven by the people of this world.I was no longer a happy
girl who believed in fairy-tales but a dead ghost breathing air.There was nothing that made me happy. I was this joker,who seemed happy but has so much wedged
inside her heart. It is really difficult to fit into a perfect world with perfect friends and a perfect life when you are not perfect.I was not perfect and I did not
accept my flaws.It was very difficult to get adapted to change and I never was. It took a long time for me to figure out to live in this world where no one knew what
predilection was. I no longer believed in reality,and I immersed myself into a world of fantasy. I created my own world and yes,nature was my friend.
Then a thought struck me like a bolt of lightning,I wanted to scrutinize the reason why I was turning out to be a hermit with an isolated life. I wanted a reason why I
was not like everyone else out there. Then I decided to come out of my nutshell.
After all,it is during darkness that the stars aglow the brightest. You made me realize that and that is my Christmas gift for years to come.
You lighted my world even in utter darkness. This little girl(not so little) started believing in destiny and happiness. You propelled me to go forward by pushing my
past behind. This is what I’m grateful for. In mere probability,you might be illusory,not for me.
I’m eternally grateful to help me wake up from my slumbered reverie.
Your little girl,

Merry Christmas,fellas!


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