Life Is What You See It.

Hey you,the person sitting right in front of me,where have you been hiding? I don’t remember you as a weakling.

Life is not what you see it,but something you find a way to live with it. Days and nights go with such grace that you tend to live in a vacuum. You.You wouldn’t know how wonderful your life is and how beautiful you are living in it.We always want something more,something better,something happier and something more blissful.
Your parents keep yelling,yet you ignore. There is ignorance that leads you astray.
Then as days pass and you fall into a knot,get stuck in it,unable to get out. You then want your parents to guide you,but with your ignorance they start drifting away from you that it seems impossible. But still you find a way out of it because you want to survive this life,survive from all hurdles and pain. At the end you do because you know how difficult it is to be unauthorized.
We just don’t seem to know how beautiful our life is. We take everything for granted.From befriending someone to receiving something,everything is taken for granted. If you take anything for granted,you lose something and not because you wanted it to but sheer negligence.
We try running away from out problems,hide inside something to prevent failure. The point is,no one understands the importance of touching the ground.
Why don’t they try to rectify the situation than sit and cry thinking God’d sprinkle some heavenly dust on you to grant your wishes. But no,that’s not the case.
We certainly are not living in a faerie-tale.
We go through so much,work hard so much and yet,we don’t seem to find any results,but that’s okay.
Work hard and don’t bother for your results.
If everyone would try bothering for their results,envisioning them as their sole epitome,then obviously we’d be living under a straw roof,not an e-roof.
Not everyone can paint,not everyone can draw nor everyone can write. Everyone is provided with their own way of contributing something to our world/
I might not have the flair to draw,but I might just excel at something else,something more different.
Imperfection is your definition,because it lets you rewind all your past deeds and improve your future.
And you know what? That is what that makes a difference.
Don’t compare yourselves with someone around you,they’re not really good at something you’re at and they don’t do something you do.Be happy for that.
To conclude,never fear.
This is life,we need to touch the ground sometimes. If we’re perfect then they’d be infinite number of Gods,not humans.
Even a single drop of pure water touches the ground but life ought to go on like it is destined to go on.


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