Visibly Invisible

Sometimes there comes the time,when all of us cease to exist.

Sheeba Moghal

I walking slowly with the wind
And I let my mind take a whirl,
About the knowing and the unknowing events.
I failed to scrutinize what they meant
And I failed to interpret them.
Then realization hit me like a bolt of lightning,
I perceived that I was not meant to be.
Days prolonged and seasons changed,
But I never did.
It all comes down to one thing,
I wasn’t meant to be.
”Why wasn’t I?,” I questioned myself.
I wasn’t because I was debased.
Am I or ain’t I?

Being a part of one thing was different,
Not to me, but why?
“You don’t belong to this world,”
Society said.
Was it because I spoke out?
Wasn’t it because I am not afraid?
Thoughts raided my mind,
Doubts stabbed me from the inside,
Ideas bought a perspective.

Then later,
Amnesia shot me.
I fell into darkness,
Into the oblivion of the forgotten-kind.
I was no more visible.
And I never was
Because I was visibly- invisible to the society.

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