Unavowed Man

I haven’t figured out who you are. I can’t even picturize your personality nor your face.But the only thing by which I know you is your strong voice. I’ve faced many ups and downs in my life,I’ve a bunch more to face though.I can hear your voice in my dreams,where you teach me to live my life in sheer perfection. You’ve rebuked me if I made any sort of mistake and also provided me with a solution to overcome it.You have acted as an influential person rather an inspiring one.It seems as though you wipe my tears when I shed them,you ‘burn down’ my sadness like a log.When I try to speculate who you are,you tend to light up my whole face with a smile.No matter what you do,at some point in life people turn against you for some or the other reason,but you’ve helped me out of everything by assisting me in providing a solution to every problem of mine.You were always there to help me out. You’ve played a pivotal role in a short period of time to change me. You are the reason to my happiness and my positive attitude. I’ve become this whole new person ’cause of you.I feel there’s someone looking out for me,to understand my flaws and my perfections.It’s been a while since I’ve stopped hearing your voice in my vivid dreams. I wonder,why did you stop it ? Who are you? Why did you help me out? Why did you assist me in transforming myself into a whole new person ? Wait,aren’t you God?


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