Chimeric Dream – An Acumen Of Blissfulness.

When you look yourself in the mirror,you see a synonymous person staring back at you,the person with whom you have been accustomed with since a long time. There was a peculiar smile on that face,a smile which was unfathomable. She was always a person who let go of her psyche in order to make her loved ones happy by sacrificing but never did she jeopardize her dreams with something else. She never feared to face the materiality of all sorts of men and women.She always believed that true exhilaration is divulged from her loved and herself and not from all the expensive stuff. She rooted out her reason to be happy out of every melancholic situation. She fought boldly to pursue her dreams from all the diversions and hurdles. She did not win,yet by convicting in herself,she worked indefatigably to pursue her dreams. She had a hope that one day,she will make it and she achieved her chimera.She found her pretext to be happy.

Dreams always come true,anything it might be. One day or the other they come true,because they do.



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