Bittersweet Love Of Robert Pen-ed Out In Letters IV

She started crying,throwing away his favourite pie,she sinks onto the ground. Mrs.Wiggs adored his son.
Then she found another letter in an envelope saying “Mom” clutched in his hand. At a loss,she read.

Dear Mother,
                         You bought me to this world with pure joy that is inevitable. You bought me and Emily up being a single mother. You have taught us so many things that they are imprinted in our lives. Mother,Lizzie was my life,a chocolate which was and is irresistible. She bought a smile on my face every single day. I was a happy man,Mother. But God took her away from me,leaving me as an empty,hollow man. I was a happy enough man with her,Mother. Mother,you gave me a life and left me in debt which cannot be repaid. Mother, please stop hovering over drinks. Please take your pills on time. Be happy. Whenever you miss me, just remember that I’m still alive in your heart ,hoping for the best.
    You have been an extrordinary person and my role model. Mother, until you find this letter,I will be dead. I’m sorry for not being a good son,but I am with Lizzie now. Until the sunshines,until the clock goes and until a ‘tomorrow’ exists,I will be your only son. I’m a proud son and a proud brother to Em. Please tell her to take care of herself and that she has been my best baby sister.
Mother,there’s no Rob without Liz.
    Your always & forever,
            A proud son to you,
                   Robert Christian Wiggs.


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