Bittersweet Love Of Robert Pen-ed Out In Letters III

Her blood running cold,sunk in gloom,Mrs. Wiggs started crying reading the letters written by his wretched son. Fishing out another letter,she slowly read

Dear Lizzie,
                       Will you please come back to me? There is this overwhelming grief knotting in my stomach that I’ve never got to spend more time with you. I’ve always wanted more of everything concerned with you,Lizzie. I’m regretting the times I’ve left you while you were sick. I’m sorry but I couldn’t bear seeing you in that way. After a long day of work when I reach home I’ve no one to talk to,I’ve no one to sing to me when I am dizzy,I have no one to love me,unconditionally. Trust me,you were the best choice I’ve made,Li. My simple dream was only to keep you safe and happy. Our house has only become more quiet without you being here,it was the house where I first proposed to you. Those were some indelible moments treasured in that house. You know? I have no energy to bear all the emotional pain and agony without you beside me. Maybe we were bound for this? I hoped for a better time and a better life,I hoped for a life where you’d always be there beside me.
      You are the most smartest,most alluring,most indulgent and the most dauntless young woman I’ve laid my eyes upon. I wish to see you in heaven sooner than later.
Please wait for me.
I will love you forever,nothing matters to me as much as you do..
                             Your always,


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