Bittersweet Love Of Robert Pen-ed Out In Letters II

Silently weeping after reading the first letter, Mrs. Wiggs slowly removed the second letter and read..
Dear Lizzie,
                       It’s been almost a month since the place beside me has been empty without you. I’ve never expected it to be this way. I’ve no one to talk to about anything. The day you you left me wandering,I shook into darkness where there was no sunrise or will it ever be. Most of my life I spent creating memories that I can’t make anymore without you,but can only cherish them. You were my sunshine,my dawn and my colouful rainbow. Without you by my side,there is no light or any colour to my life. When the light from my life has gone away,will the darkness ever fade? Without the love of my life,can I start my life  again? The first time I saw you at the corridor of our kindergarden,I fell head-over-heals for you,Liz.
You always took care of me in a way that I have forgotten of how take care of myself.
Please come back,I’m starving..
                                      Your Robert.



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