Bittersweet Love Of Robert Pen-ed Out In Letters

Lizzie Dolsky was a beguiling,24-year old girl from North Carolina living with her beloved,charming husband,Robert Wiggs. Lizzie and Robert were high school sweethearts and basically inseparable. On a bitter day of cold,Lizzie was found out to be suffering from cancer and had only weeks to live. Robert was devastated to that his girl was dying,but does not react to it as it’d depress Lizzie. Lizzie and Robert couldn’t live without each other and never a day went by that they never talked and ate together.

                                                        After the death of Lizzie,Robert,angry with the world and himself as the mere cause of Lizzie’s death was always in a desolated state. Years after her death he got over the fact that Liz is not there physically but not over his love for her.

                                       Two days later,Mrs. Wiggs came to meet his melancholy son and rooted out that he was lying dead on the bed in Lizzie’s robes… She then fathomed out some letters beneath his pillow which were presumably written to Lizzie while she was suffering from Cancer.

Dear Lizzie,
Life is so full of infinite impossibilities and imperfections that God has taken you away from me.I’m writing this sorrowful letter to let you know how fond I am of you and your warmth.Not a day has gone by when I don’t think about you and our fond memories. There comes a time when one of us should leave this world in order to to leave something or achieve something,I won you. Believe me,I’ve never felt so alone without you by my side. You may be in some alternative universe,and I know you are alone without me.I’ve achieved many things in life ‘cuz of you,Liz.You made me the person I am today with all your smiles and I have no strength to live without you anymore.Maybe even now you are watching me from above,maybe when I look up at the sky during the night,I find your pretty-face sketched across the sky with the stars.I miss you so much and I’ve never had anything this special but a person loving me unconditionally.
Our numbers have never been smaller,Liz. I’m in your robes which smell of you..
Even your physically not being here,my love for you is so strong that I’ll miss your hugs,Liz. Always thinking of you and your naughtiness.

Next letter is for next week.



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