Best Friend? Eternity.

On the blissful day of Sun
I was there walking and walking in the deserted park
I found a girl,who’s shadow was more than dark
She seemed to be weeping,but for what?
She was a beguiling girl
Her eyes were swelled,yet pretty
I couldn’t resist so I went near her
I was falling,falling in love with her
My subconscious scowled at me,still I ignored
She sees me with her blue,twinkling eyes
And says,’O’dear my friend has died.”
In compassion I sit beside her and comfort her
She was becoming my Sun,there right now
Her Sundress fit her perfectly with her red stilettos
She kept crying,I kept holding
After ages,she started talking
“She was my best friend who has died of the accident”
“Oh my,that was bad,” was what I could manage
I kept holding her,drinking her beauty with thirst
“We were brought up together,I can’t imagine my life without her.” and cried
“Hush,it’s okay.” I calmed her down
Oblivious, she slept after crying
I studied her beautiful face,oh my
She was very cold,I touched her
Then I realised she’s dead.
Tears sprung in my eyes for this helpless woman
Who was she? I was in love with her and here she lay,dead.
There’s no light without the dark and there’s no friend without her bestfriend


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