Camaraderie Cannot Be Forgotten

There comes a point in life when people change.They may be your friends or your siblings or the people whom you pretend to be a sibling or your best friend. They change just as how the year changes,they might have new friends or a new atmosphere to stay and breathe in.In the starting, we feel as though they always there ,no matter what happens with you,they are still there to embolden you,always. But they do leave and it leaves you being in a state of depression. All you do is think about that ¬†person every single day and every single minute. Those “certain people” might be happy with their new friends and a new place to get adjusted in. But,did anyone think through which situation a person goes through if you leave her/him? Did anyone think how baffled that person will be? Cogitating about it all the time with a tad of doubt in themselves? Visualizing in every,every possible manner about those “certain people”. People like them,all they do is sit and go haywire pondering.
On other hand,those “certain people” would be happy with new friends,new group, literally everything new. They feel the same way to their friends like how this person does. But once if anyone leaves them,then they’ll get to know how sad it is leave a person whom you love more than anything in this world.It might be anyone.
So,all I say is,you may be friends with new people.You actually should, because synergizing with everyone is a nice thing.Every one of us should be cordial with our chums,but,that doesn’t mean you ought to leave your old friends. You may have,say a hundred buddies but always remember there is always your first friend who helped you to make it a hundred. Once,at least in life those “certain people” will know the real value of gold i.e,the real value of that person whom they have left,you’ll know how much they’ve relinquished for you,how much they love and adore you,how much they are familiar with you,how much ever they try they can’t be mad at you.They love you. But,even you should love them.
Friendship sails no matter what happens,but once it stops because of that “certain person” you should push it again and never,ever try stopping it.


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