Tfios Feels

That is the most breathtaking piece of finest work by John Green. This book is daunting in its own way that makes people fall in love with it over and over again. It is a book worth to read. It is a book how two people suffering from cancer,end up falling in love with each other but due to untold reasons their love turns out to be something which could only be cherished and NOT felt.. It is a story which revolves around Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. This story makes us realise the importance of love. Some things cannot to explained or elaborated,but this book became a part of me. I fell in love with it head-over-heels like all of you did. He’s a great writer. It is just a feeble attempt of mine to tell everyone to read it because I’m not good at explaining. Please read it. Its is a gripping book which is mawkish-ly shown. It is book between Life and Death,Losing and Gaining. Is being loved and Was being loved.


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